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We began with a small town girl—one author, one novel, one lifelong dream. She took that dream and made it a successful editing business that specialized in horror, dark fiction, and fantasy. And each author she met added one more particle of dream dust—or should we say, nightmare dust—until that dream was far too big for her to contain. 

Thus, Horrorsmith Publishing was established. 

Now, we hope to inspire, to uplift, to encourage, to support, and to motivate a new league of horror authors to reach for the stars, to add one more particle of nightmare dust to their own aspirations. We want to be part of your team, part of your successes. We don't want to cultivate the next Stephen King; we want to give the horror community more of what it really needs—more of you!

We strive for transparency, quality, and fairness. Our authors are our family, and as such, we'll put everything we have behind you and your projects. 

Horrorsmith Publishing looks forward to working with you!


Thanks for submitting!




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