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Cozy Nook Editing's Services
Developmental Editing

When your novel needs a little bit of help with plot and character development

Developmental editing helps ensure an author's novel meets genre expectations, hooks the reader with an effective introduction, and has a rich narrative structure. This editing package includes line and copy editing and proofreading.

.008 per word

Blurb copy - an additional $20

Line and Copy Editing

Fixes grammar errors, detail consistency, and awkward phrasing

Line and copy editing focuses on the readability of the novel. In these combined tiers of editing, we look at grammar and punctuation, redundancy and repetition, and any areas that might pull the reader out of the story. This tier includes proofreading.

.006 per word

Blurb copy - an additional $20


The step that comes after all other rounds of editing have been completed

Proofreading is the last step between editing and publication—your last chance to find any errors before your novel gets into the hand of eager readers. You don't want to skip it!

.004 per word

Blurb copy - an additional $20

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