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Comprehensive Editing Packages

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Horrorsmith Editing's most comprehensive editing package is perfect for new authors just beginning their self-publishing journey or for more experienced authors looking for an overhaul of their craft and their brand. This inclusive package is not geared toward authors who have already have a completed manuscript. Please look at Horrorsmith's developmental editing packages or line and copy editing packages instead if you are working with a finished novel.

The comprehensive editing package takes every aspect of the publishing process and combines it into one guided service from novel outline to new release marketing. Think of this as a book coaching experience. You will have a designated professional editor working with you to develop a cohesive outline and novel plot structure or compilation and ordering of a short story collection. From there, your editor will guide you toward the best industry resources on the craft of writing, character development, and inspiration, helping you strengthen character motivations and relationships, conflict stakes to increase suspense and excitement, and effective hooks and conclusions. This process is completed through a series of intensive classes, one-on-one instruction, and guided resources. You will have weekly interaction with your editor through video calls, phone calls, email support, brainstorming sessions, and quick encouragement.

Once you have completed your manuscript, you move into the developmental editing phase. During this phase, your editor will look at your entire novel or short story collection as a whole. This is called the eagle view of your story. Horrorsmith's developmental edits will find any areas where your story falls flat, where character motivations and life experiences do not match character actions, where inconsistencies in detail have snuck into the text, and any places where your story might have strayed from genre expectations. Developmental edits can involve both very broad conversations and very chapter- or paragraph-specific inquiries. You'll receive a full manuscript evaluation, book map, and manuscript style sheet, along with corresponding comments on your manuscript during this phase.

When all suggested developmental edits have been incorporated, your editor will begin the line and copy editing phase of your comprehensive package. During the line and copy edit, your editor will look for grammar errors, punctuation concerns, awkward phrasing, tense shifts, minor detail inconsistencies, and minor fact-checking, all while maintaining your style and voice. As editors, we understand that part of knowing how to effectively utilize grammar rules and style guides is also knowing how to effectively break them to enhance the author's work. We use years of expertise and continuing education to polish each project. You will receive full Tracked Changes on your manuscript when this phase is complete. This means that you simply have to go through each page and accept or reject the changes within Microsoft Word.

If you are on the self-publishing path, once you are working on incorporating the suggested line and copy edits, Horrorsmith is initiating the rest of your package. We will be communicating with industry-recognized cover artists and marketers on your behalf. You will be presented with sketch options for cover art, Amazon-specific keyword and category assistance, blurb copy, and other marketing materials. If you are hoping to become traditionally published, your editor will instead begin helping you form your query letters for novel submissions.

When you've gone through the line and copy edits and are happy with the state of the manuscript, Horrorsmith will then do one final proofread before you submit your novel to an agent. If you are a self-publishing author, Horrorsmith will format your work using either Vellum or InDesign, based on the level of customization you'd like. You will have a consultation with the formatter working on your project to help determine your style choices. Once formatting is complete, your work will go through one last round of proofreading, and you will be presented with the appropriate files for whichever marketing platforms you plan to use. 

In Horrorsmith's Comprehensive Editing Package, you will receive the following:

  • Initial concept and outlining/compilation assistance

  • Detailed developmental guidance through video calls and writing exercises

  • A physical copy of Horrorsmith Editing's writing planner

  • Final manuscript evaluation

  • Book map

  • Detailed video access and e-pamphlet on utilizing book maps

  • Manuscript style sheet

  • A physical copy of Horrorsmith Editing's How to Self-Edit Your Novel

  • One round of line and copy editing

  • Thorough line and copy edits through Tracked Changes

  • A final read-through after all edits have been incorporated

  • Formatting for eBook, paperback, and hardcover (For self-publishing authors)

  • Blurb copy

  • Query assistance (For traditional authors)

  • Custom cover art to fit your genre (For self-publishing authors)

  • Custom keyword and category marketing specific to Amazon KDP (For self-publishing authors)

  • Custom new release and continuing marketing package (For self-publishing authors)

Total package investment for traditional authors: $4800
Total package investment for self-publishing authors: $5900

Please note, at all times during this process, your editor will be available for contact and consultation. The payment structure of the package will be split between the different phases of the package and will be detailed in the project proposal and contract.

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