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Whispering - The Hushed Horror Series Book 2

What would you do if something in your new house wanted to kill you?

Something waits for Candice Haines in the peaceful farmhouse on the edges of Eagla, Arkansas.  At first, it simply seems neglected, almost lonely.  But when she sees the figure in the empty field next door, moving closer to the house each passing day, everything seems a little more sinister. 

But by then, it is too late. 

Candice is torn between what she perceives as true and what her husband says is her active imagination.  She cannot deny the whispers anymore.  When the dead start to walk in Eagla, the town’s urban legend becomes her reality and she must help solve the mystery before it takes both her life and that of her unborn son.  

This fresh start she and her husband seek will be anything but peaceful.  It may even be deadly.  

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