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Here is an early access teaser featuring almost 200 novels being offered for free during the Terrify Your Tablet Event. As the day progresses, over 100 new titles will be loaded and all links will be populated.

Be watching for the final list debuting this afternoon!

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Within our horror community, we have found a group of people whose kindness and generosity knows no limits. And every now and then, we're called to help one of our own. Horror Author Sammy Scott has recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 bile duct cancer. As you can imagine, Sammy's medical bills are mounting now that he's started chemo. The Books of Horror Facebook group recently ran an auction to help Sammy's family, but there's still so much further to go. 

In light of the magic of Halloween for horror lovers, we're hoping that all visitors to this site during the Terrify Your Tablet Event might be able to donate $1 or $2. Anyone donating $5 or higher will receive a free eBook copy of Horrorsmith Publishing's Fear Forge Anthology, Fall 2024 Edition, releasing Oct 24. 

Together, we can make such a difference for Sammy's family during his treatment. All donations will be compiled on Nov 1 and deposited directly to Sammy's PayPal. 

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