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Serving Both Self-Publishing Authors and Traditional

We began in 2020 as a small editing company focusing solely on horror fiction. Now, we've grown into two full divisions encompassing the entire spectrum of horror, thriller, fantasy, sci-fi, cozy mystery, and romance fiction, plus a publishing house serving the horror community. Along the way, we've met some amazing professionals in the industry who have enriched our lives and allowed us to provide exceptional service to our clients.

Self-publishing authors will want to visit the Horrorsmith Editing or Cozy Nook Editing options at the top, depending on your genre. Under both, we offer inclusive packages that cover most of your publishing needs. 

Authors focusing on the traditional path will either want to visit our editing platforms to commission services that will polish your projects before submission. You might also want to visit Horrorsmith Publishing and see if one of our open calls might suit your publishing goals.

Please note, we are not a vanity press. Horrorsmith Publishing does not charge our authors for publishing. Our publishing house operates solely on royalties. Horrorsmith Editing and Cozy Nook Editing are the only service-based options under the Horrorsmith Editing and Publishing umbrella. 

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