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For hundreds of years, humankind has cowered within the warmth of campfires, beneath a canopy of twinkling stars, safe in the shelter of the surrounding trees. We've pitched our tents, set up our camping chairs, and breathed in the fresh air of nature and freedom.

Until it all goes horribly wrong...

Until whatever lurks in the shadows edges closer, undaunted by the flame, reaching for our ankles, running a gnarled finger through our hair, caressing our backs in a deathly chill. 

Huddle closer to the flames now...Don't you dare look behind you. 

Fear Forge is proud to announce the authors featured in this edition:

Faith Pierce - "Belonging"
Stephen Lang - "Newt"
B. S. Miller - "Lobos"
John DeLaughter - "The Wyrd Beneath the Woods"
John Kiste - "The Kelpie Sasquatch with the Wendigo Antlers and a Hook Hand"
Kate Campbell - "Echoes in the Night"
Garrett Rowlan - "A Single Candle"
Ben Young - "Babycry Bridge"
J. Rocky Colavito - "Just Beyond the Firelight's Reach"
Matthew Chabin - "Whirlybog"
Dev Jarrett - "Slithering Ground"
Max Wright - "Caroline's Road"
John A. Burks - "Echoes of Existence"
M. A. Stevenson - "Salt in the Wound"
Ray Daley - "Bizarre Life Triangle"
J. L. Royce - "The Stars Fall Down"
Scott Dyson - "Tricks of the Light"
Wil Forbis - "Nature Boy"
Marc Sorondo - "The Old Army Tent"
Jon Cohn - "The Preteen Scream Team"

Foreword written by none other than the inimitable Debra Castaneda, author of The Root WitchThe Devil's Shallows, and The Copper Man.

Fear Forge Anthology Summer Quarter 2023 eBook

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