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Horrorsmith Editing—knowledgeable professionals who consistently deliver crisp edits, value long-term author-editor relationships, and focus on maintaining the parts of the story that make it uniquely yours. Request your personalized proposal today.

Quality You'll Be Dying to Recommend
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“Having a good, professional editor changes the game, and Horrorsmith Editing is a game changer.” 

E. L. Giles, Horror Author

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Line/Copy Editing and Proofreading

Perhaps you are an experienced storyteller who struggles with the technical aspects of writing. Copy editing and proofreading services focus on different levels of editing, from tense and point-of-view consistencies to misused punctuation. Line editing, on the other hand, helps realign overall sentence structure, syntax, and consistency. With both basic and comprehensive line editing and copy editing packages—some that include custom cover art from Francois Vaillancourt and customized marketing guidance—you can't go wrong!

Comprehensive Editing and Developmental Editing

Maybe you need the all-encompassing features of a comprehensive edit, such as outlining assistance, blurb help, and cover art in addition to editing. Maybe you are looking to address developmental concerns to ensure rich character development, accuracy of sequence, and corrected narrative gaps. Either way, we can help, with detail-oriented packages that include custom cover art from Francois Vaillancourt and customized marketing guidance.

Short Story Packages, Manuscript Evaluation, Blurb, Formatting

Need help redefining your blurb, identifying the strengths and struggles of your novel, brainstorming your way out of writers block, finding a dependable beta reader, or formatting your polished project? I've got you covered! Our formatting services use both Vellum and InDesign, depending on the complexity of the formatting requested. We also offer manuscript evaluations that are as detailed as a light developmental edit. And just in case you're in the market, we offer experienced ghostwriting services. Send us an inquiry if you need more information.


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Meet Horrorsmith's Industry Partners


Francois Vaillancourt

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Freelance artist specializing in horror illustrations and book covers


Lyndsey Smith

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Professional editor, operates both divisions of Horrorsmith Editing and is the acquisitions editor of Horrorsmith Publishing


Paramita Bhattacharjee

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Professional cover artist with over seventeen years of experience; founder and creative director of Creative Paramita

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