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Horrorsmith Editing—knowledgeable professionals who consistently deliver crisp edits, value long-term author-editor relationships, and focus on maintaining the parts of the story that make it uniquely yours. Horrorsmith Editing focuses on speculative fiction genres, while cozy mystery and romance are handled by our Cozy Nook Editing division. Request your customized proposal today!

“Having a good, professional editor changes the game, and Horrorsmith Editing is a game changer.” 

E. L. Giles, Horror Author

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Line and Copy Editing Services

Copy editing services focus on grammar, punctuation, and style inconsistencies. Line editing, on the other hand, helps realign overall sentence structure, syntax, and cadence. 

Multiple package options starting at .017 per word. 

Developmental Editing Services

Developmental editing services ensure rich character development, accuracy and effectiveness of sequence, and corrected narrative gaps.

Multiple package options starting at .021 per word. 

Comprehensive Editing Services

Our comprehensive editing service provides the all-encompassing features of a full-service fiction book coach, including: a developmental edit, line and copy edit, proofread, outlining assistance, blurb help, and cover art.

Flat rate service price.

Proofreading Services

Having a trusted proofreader is that final line of defense between you and the ravenous reader. This service provides thoroughness, heightened attention to detail, and even formatting review. 

One package at .008 per word.

Manuscript Evaluation Services

These are helpful if your beta readers imply an issue you aren't sure how to identify or remedy, if you receive frequent agent or publisher rejections and aren't sure why, or if you're just starting out and aren't sure what service your manuscript needs.

One package at .018 per word

Other Services

Whether you need short story edits, beta reading, blurb copy, or formatting services, I've got you covered! 

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