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Looking for a knowledgeable professional who consistently delivers crisp edits, values long-term author/editor relationships, and focuses on maintaining the parts of the story that make it uniquely yours? Prefer an editor who specializes in horror, thriller, fantasy, and cozy mystery genres? Request your personalized proposal today.

A Bite...erm...Bit...About Me

Publishing your novel is hard. Working with an editor shouldn't be. 

I've been there. As a self-publishing author, I know the fear and anxiety that comes with trying to find the right editor for your style and story. It's the reason I became a certified fiction editor, to help authors, just like you, get one step closer to achieving their dreams. Whether you are submitting to a traditional publisher or preparing to start out on your own, I'll take your story from rough draft to polished and ready for publishing. Your success is my success. We are a team. Let's have some fun with it!

When you're ready, request a proposal. I'll show you how I can elevate your manuscript and improve your working knowledge of fiction writing. Let me worry about the sentence structure and grammar concerns while you write your next great novel!


Professional Editing Services

Whether you are looking for a developmental editor to help with plot and character development, a copy editor to help with grammar and punctuation, or a book coach to help organize the thoughts in your head into compelling print, I offer a wide variety of services tailored to meet the needs of your specific manuscript.


Developmental Editing and Line Editing

Whether you are a novice or seasoned author, developmental editing helps ensure rich character development, accuracy of sequence, and corrected narrative gaps. If you've already addressed developmental concerns, line editing helps overall sentence structure, word choice, and consistency.


Copy Editing and Proofreading

Perhaps you are an experienced storyteller who struggles with the technical aspects of writing. Copy editing and proofreading services focus on different levels of editing, from tense and point-of-view consistencies to misused punctuation.


Book Coaching, Budget Friendly Options, Formatting

Need help developing your concept, maintaining word count accountability, brainstorming your way out of writers block, or finding budget-friendly yet valuable editing options? I've got you covered!


“...goes through my stories with scalpel-like precision.” 

—  James Miles, Author

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