List of Services

I am not a proponent of the term "pricing". It implies a simple commodity that provides neither value nor longevity, whereas an investment suggests both. Investing in an editor is a partnership. If you invest in my services, I will invest my time and efforts to polish, refine, and maintain your authorial voice. 

Below you will find a list of my services. Each listing outlines the range you can expect to be quoted once I have reviewed your manuscript, plus what you will receive once the project is completed. I quote on a per-project basis. Clients utilizing my services for the second time will receive a 10% loyalty credit. Clients utilizing my services for the third time or more will receive a 20% loyalty credit.  I also offer a free reader magnet edit with a paid traditional edit and payment plans for all services, except for the budget-priced options.


Developmental Editing

While substantive editing is more hands-on for me as the editor, developmental editing involves you working with the suggestions that I provide for the above content in an editorial letter and Word document with detailed tracked changes. 

This service is only offered for full-length novels.

.02-.04 cents/wd

Each developmental editing investment will include a contract that outlines the expected completion date, a discussed style sheet for editing guidance, an editorial letter detailing the content findings, a completed book map, and a returned manuscript complete with detailed comments throughout.  Bundled services available upon request.


Line Editing

Line editing is a level of editing that focuses on correcting sentence structure and how it influences a work's tone, pace, and natural progression. I will concentrate my efforts on making sure your word choice is appropriate, you maintain the appropriate verb tenses, and the correct emotion is portrayed. Though line editing focuses mainly on style, I will also be addressing the same grammar concerns that I do through a copy edit, as an added benefit to my clients. 

.015-.03 cents/wd

Each line editing investment will include a contract that outlines the expected completion date, a discussed style sheet for editing guidance, character development sheets, a story timeline, and a returned manuscript complete with detailed restructurings.  Bundled services available upon request.

Copy Editing

Copy editing is a level of editing that focuses on subject-verb alignment and tightening the overall language of the manuscript.  I will be going through your story for tense and perspective inconsistencies, character description deviations, spacing concerns, paragraph length, pace, and repetition. This edit focuses on enhancing the reader experience so that they can focus on enjoying your story. 

.01-.02 cents/wd

Each copy editing investment will include a contract that outlines the expected completion date, a style sheet, character development sheets, a story timeline, and a returned manuscript complete with tracked grammar changes.  



.005 cents/wd

Each proofreading investment will include a contract that outlines the expected completion date and a returned manuscript complete with changes. Please keep in mind that proofreading takes place after the story is in the finalized, formatted stages and is presumably ready for publishing. This will check for any stray grammatical errors missed during the initial editing and will look for formatting inconsistencies.



All formatting is completed through the Vellum software.  I accept only .docx documents for formatting purposes.  Front and back matter will be added at your request.  The finished product will be returned to you in Ebook formats suitable for Kindle, Apple, Nook, Kobo, Google, and generic epub, as well as print format.  

Complete package costs:       

$75 with a 48 hour turnaround

$100 with a 24 hour turnaround

Please note, formatting does not include proofreading.


Book Coaching

For authors not sure how to take the first step, I offer book coaching services. Through emails, phone calls, and video conferencing, we will brainstorm, plan, and develop your novel together until you feel comfortable taking the reigns. Let me help keep you focused, maintain your word count accountability, and encourage you throughout the process. Think of this as an in-progress developmental edit, including current outline/character development analysis, initial manuscript/concept evaluation, writing schedule, word count planning/accountability, narrative outline, and weekly phone calls to discuss your progress, word count, and manuscript effectiveness.

Whether you are a first time author or an experienced novelist, let me have your back every step of the way. Book coaching will be charged on a per-project basis for the completed novel and will have a predetermined deadline included in the contract. Charges will be invoiced at the beginning of each month for the duration of the project. 


Manuscript Evaluations

Unsure where your manuscript fits in the editing process? Is it not clear whether you need a developmental edit or a copy edit? A manuscript evaluation will help answer those questions and help you establish a clear path of progression to a polished, finished work.  I will review your manuscript and supply you with an extensive evaluation detailing your manuscript's strengths and struggles. I will also provide you with a detailed editing plan that I feel will be most successful for the development of your novel. 

Investment for a partial manuscript evaluation ranges between $100-$300 and ranges between $500-$800 for a full-length manuscript evaluation, depending on word count.  Please complete the quote request form for your manuscript evaluation.  If you obtain an evaluation from me, I will adjust additional editing services by $100-$300 accordingly. 

Please note that most partial manuscript evaluations will be able to catch issues with dialogue, flat description, and stylistic issues but will not be able to catch overall issues with plot consistency, thematic concerns, and overall character development.  If budget is a concern, I would love to speak to you to discuss what options might be available to provide you with the best tailored service. 
editing before jumping in feet first. Whatever the case may be, I'd love to be there to help.


Budget Friendly Options

If budget is a concern, I offer adjusted traditional editing levels to help meet your specific needs while staying within your price range. This includes manuscript evaluations, three-chapter edits, initial chapter reviews, and brainstorming sessions. As a freelance editor who also self-publishes, I understand the cost concerns that some of my clients may face. Maybe you've exhausted your budget with another editor and just aren't comfortable with the work provided. Maybe you're just starting out and would like to dip a toe into the pool of editing before jumping in feet first. Whatever the case may be, I'd love to be there to help.

Blurb Writing
Concerned that your click-to-purchase ratio is too low? Wondering if your blurb gives away too much, or perhaps not enough? Let me be the second set of eyes to help provide you with a snappy, keyword-driven blurb that will help you turn those potential readers into paid sales with a concise arch and definitive call-to-action. $50, if blurb is being reworked. $150 and a .docx file of the novel if working from scratch.


Manuscript review and one hour phone consultation

I will read over your manuscript, make developmental style notes, and give you a one-hour consultation concerning ways to strengthen your work.  One week time frame between order and consultation required.  $100 up to 60k wds. $20 each additional 10k

Initial Chapter Review

If you would like your initial chapter evaluated for first impression/reader hook viability, I would be happy to review and provide an intensive line edit with suggestions on how to engage the reader more effectively. Up to 5,000 words. I will provide you with a one page chapter evaluation and the Word .docx file containing edits and tracked changes.  Three business day turn around.  $60

Three-Chapter Review

If you distribute your work on Amazon, a percentage of your novel will be available for readers as a "Look Inside" feature prior to purchase. On an average 60k word novel, this can include the first three chapters.  Want to make sure you give your readers the best first impression?  This service is to be used as a guiding foundation for further self-edits if subsequent editing services are not obtained. I will provide you with a line edit quality evaluation and the Word .docx file containing edits and tracked changes.  Up to 10,000 words. Please note this service can also be used for middle or end chapters if you prefer. Seven business day turn around.   $140

Brainstorming Session

Found yourself stumbling into a writer's block? Not sure where to take the next chapter? Are you struggling with a character's development or how to enrich a sub plot? As a book coach, I can help!  Same day service available. At least an hour notice required.  I will set aside an hour's time to speak to you and help work out the kink in your manuscript.  $40