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Announcing Two New Editing Services

Updated: Jul 12

Historically, professional editors have only offered tiered editing structures meant to address the entire manuscript at full rates. These tiers have been developmental, line editing, copyediting, proofreading, and manuscript evaluations. There haven't really been any services offered to assist authors who could not, for whatever reason, hire a professional editor and who needed to turn to self-editing.

I tried to help this sub-set of the writer community with my editing resource, How to Self-Edit Your Novel. I wanted authors to have options, even if working with a professional editor wasn't one of them at the time. Improving the quality of your novels will help make your marketing efforts more efficient, which will hopefully help you see an uptick in income and the eventual opportunity to work with a professional editing team. However, I realized I was doing a disservice to the authors who trusted that resource if I didn't offer some sort of support beyond it. While I obviously cannot double-check a full self-edited manuscript, I think I've set up the next best services.

The first new editing service is the new editing monthly subscription. The editing subscription service offers three tiers, each with staggered benefits, depending on how much resource access you need. Each of the packages also includes a 250-word edit each month and five emailed editing questions per subscription period. The higher tiers also offer access to members-only self-editing and writing craft resource pages, blog posts, videos, and walkthroughs. New material is added weekly!

The second new editing service is what I'm calling Guided Editing. This is where I "teach" you how to edit your novel on your own. In order to participate in this editing tier, you need to have twenty finished pages of your novel. I'll edit the first ten pages, then I'll let you self-edit the next ten pages, using the part I completed as a guide. Once you're done, I'll review the pages you edited, make corrections, and supply notes to help you improve. While this will obviously not replace working with a professional editor, it will help you improve your self-editing efforts prior to publishing.

Please feel free to visit Horrorsmith Editing's services page if you'd like more information.

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